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Ultimate Guide to Pliers for ALL Hobbyists


By Mica Navarro

The purpose of this list is to give you a comprehensive overview of all the different pliers that could be used in any project. Some of these are the craziest pliers you’ll ever see, and some are the most necessary tools for any hobbyist.



Chain Nose Pliers (46.0175)

Arguably the most commonly used tool among crafters. Mainly used for gripping and manipulating wire, Head pins, and eye pins. Could also be used to close jump rings and earring wires. If you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades, look no further. (Picture below)


Flat Nose (46.102)

Known as a shaping tool, a flat nose plier can bend and straighten to your liking. This tool is great for shaping right angles and bending them back to a  straight wire. They are also great for general gripping in crafts. For example, holding earring to while beading them.


Curve Tip Chain Nose (46.205)

The curve tip is for precision and accuracy. Great for working in tight areas and small objects. Could be useful for bending wire, holding small beads, and opening small jump rings.


Flush Cutter (46.209)

This tool is pretty much a must have for all jewelry makers and crafters, especially if you work with wire. You can cut wire, copper, and aluminum with these cutters. They are also industrial, so that means that even electricians can use these cutters for wire work.  But thanks to the return spring, you don’t need to be a strong electrician to use them.


Chain Nose Parallel Jaw Pliers (46.520)

I know they are super rugged looking but these pliers are invaluable. They are meant to hold your work but they are also great because they can cut wire as well. Who doesn’t love a

two in one plier?


Wire Shaping Nylon Jaw Pliers (46.769P)

The nylon jaw is great feature because it prevents scratching to your projects. The main use for these pliers is reshaping and repairing bracelets. The gentle touch it has provides a gentle formation to your crafting projects. (Picture below)

Watch Case Closing Press (46.805)

Pretty self explanatory. These pliers close watch cases. There are many devices you could choose from if you want to close a watch case, but these pliers are pretty much an essential for watch repair.


Long Bent Nose (524SPL)

The purpose of the length is to get in the hard to reach places. They are great to have in you tool box for the special projects that require them.


Half Round Flat Nose Pliers (529PL)

Perfect for getting into tight areas and opening jump rings and bending wires when needed. It is flat where the pliers meet for proper grasping and round edges on the sides for bending wires.


Wire Looping Pliers (530PL)

Based on customer reviews, many people are using these pliers to make eye pins and wrap looks. There is one thing to note: if you are using these pliers to wrap wire, be sure to read the item specifics on these pliers because the varying sized are meant to handle certain size of wire. For example, if you get a smaller wire looping plier it can only bend up to a certain gauge of wire before it starts scratching. But these pliers are pretty much a staple for any jewelry maker using wire.


Ring Holding Pliers (531PL)

These guys not only hold rings, but they hold them firmly. But seriously, if you are a ring crafter, you need these pliers. These pliers allow you to hold the ring while you are performing intricate work on your ring. They are also a great tool to have when you want to polish the inside on your ring. Work smarter, not harder with these pliers.


Watch Strap Notching (538)

These pliers could possibly be the most funky looking pliers on this list, but they also serve a definite purpose. Notch watch straps with ease using these pliers. Depending on the size you get, it works great with thick and thin leather. (Picture below)



Watch Case Opening Pliers (6484)

If you bought watch closing pliers, you’re going to want to buy these as well because there is no use closing a watch case if you can’t open it in the first place.


Fly Fishing Tying Forceps (661FC)

This tool just reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy, but apparently they have many different uses! The great thing about these forceps it that they lock, holding whatever you need in place. They are especially useful for fishermen and any other hobbyist. Use these forceps for tying, sewing, or holding two things together.


Split Ring (716S)

One word that you will commonly find with this type of plier is, “classic”. This is definitely a classic tool for jewelry making. Use these pliers when you want to separate split rings to attach to jewelry or even adding beads. Absolutely a need-to-have plier.


Parrot Head Gem Stone Setting (728SS)

Aptly named, this tool looks like a toucan (even though toucans aren’t parrots). These pliers are easy to work with and provide any jeweler or hobbyist the best viewing angle when setting stones and tightening prongs.




As you can see, many of these pliers have similar uses. You don’t necessarily need all of these pliers for every project, but there are always those special products that require special tools. Each plier serves a purpose and it’s great to have each of these pliers in your tool box for those special pliers, and I’m pretty sure any other crafter would be impressed if you had every single one of these.