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Step-By-Step Bead Stringing by Ruth F. Poris

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Step-by-step Bead Stringing - A Complete Illustrated Professional Approach
by Ruth F. Poris

45 Pages, Illustrated, Paperback, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"

  • This is a new "Step-by-step Bead Stringing" book
  • A unique, easy to follow guide, which includes instructions and illustrations drawn from many years of experience and expertise
  • This handbook was written as a starting point for learning the basic skills of stringing and restringing beads
  • The instructions are fully illustrated and may be followed step by step
  • Once accomplished, bead stringing can be a very satisfying hobby or profitable business
  • The instructions explain all basic techniques for working with beads, from simple inexpensive wood, plastic or glass, to precious gemstones and pearls
  • As in any craft, practice is the best guarantee of a beautiful product
  • Use these instructions as a beginning, as there are no set rules to successful stringing
  • Experiment for yourself, working with size, color, textures and shapes
  • With imagination and the basic techniques contained in this book, the opportunity to produce original, well crafted, beaded jewelry is unlimited

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