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Tix Solder for soldering Jewelry & Metals with Silver Bearing Solder Paste

Price: $33.88

Tix Solder For Soldering Jewelry & Metals

  • This is a new set of Tix solder
  • This solder is the hardest soft solder on earth
  • It melts at 275 degrees F (135 degrees C) and has a holding power of 4300 Psi
  • Adheres to all ordinary solderable materials and works with a gun, iron, torch, or soldering machine
  • It stays white and does not tarnish
  • Includes 20 sticks of solder
  • Each solder stick measures approximately 3" (76 mm)

Silver Bearing Solder Paste For Soldering Brass, Copper, Nickel & More

  • This is a new tube of silver bearing solder paste
  • This item is called Silver Bearing Solder Paste by the manufacturer. It is not intended for use on silver
  • At warm temperatures the silver bearing solder paste will speed up soldering tasks because it works with the heat of a match or lighter
  • This works on ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Will join 22 different combinations of metals
  • This paste melts at only 430°F
  • The tube contains 7.1 grams

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