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Lot-O Tumbler Single Barrel Rock Polishing Tumbler

Price: $265.58

When we used the Lot-O-Tumbler for the first time we were really surprised. It doesn't look like a tumbler but it processed our rocks quickly and produced an awesome polish! The machine makes the load of rocks vibrate very rapidly and churn through the barrel with a thin film of grit on them. That thin film of grit turns every rock-to-rock contact into a rapidly-vibrating point of abrasion. The surface of every rock in the barrel turns into instant sandpaper!

Key Features:

  • Thermally protected
  • Ball bearing (it’s all ball bearings these days)
  • Tested with load prior to packaging at the manufacture
  • Processes Cabochons and Free forms in 3 to 4 days
  • Processes Agates - Rough Grind through High Luster in 5 to 7 Days
  • Polishes Brass Shells for reloading in just hours
  • Polishes Gold and Silver Castings
  • Processes anything you can fit through the 2 1/4" opening - slabs, cabs, performs
  • Cap is easily removed so that you can see it work
  • 4. 5 Lb. Capacity

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