Presidium Electronic Digital Carat Scale 100ct x .01ct (PCS-100)

Price: $206.36

The Presidium 100 Carat Scale is the latest innovation of carat weighing technology, utilizing Advanced Circuitry Design and Surface Mount Technology (Smt). This portable carat scale promises reliability and consistency for long periods of continuous USAge. Designed specially for jewelry traders on the move by the leading maker of gemological instruments, its compact size and rugged build allow for easy-to-travel USAge and durability. Combining precision accuracy and compact designing, it is the perfect scale for all jewelers.

100 carats (20g) weighing capacity.
Selection mode: gram/carat/ozt/grain.
Graduation: 0.01ct/0.002g/0.0001ozt/0.05gr
Continuous operating without shutting-off. Does not require recalibrating during operation.
Automatic power down after 10 minutes from the last measurement.
Powered by 4 AAA battery.
Dimension: 114mm x 152mm x 41mm.

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