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Thumler A-R2 Rotary Rock Tumbler 6lb Two Barrel Polishing Polisher Made In USA

Price: $166.01

Thumler's A-r2 Rotary Tumbler For Tumbling Rocks

This is a new rotary tumbler. Rotary tumblers polish rocks, stones, coins, clean cartridges, polish brass and other metals. This is extensively used by serious hobbyists, laboratories, schools and industry for an unlimited variety of tumbling and mixing operations. It can polish rocks and stones to reveal their long hidden natural beauty. It runs 110V, 60Hz. This tumbler is a great hobby for beginners and great tool for experts. It has a fan cooled motor and is overload protected. It is made in the U.s.a.

You receive:

  • One model A-r2 #115 rock tumbler
  • Two rubber tumbling barrels that holds 6 lbs of rocks
  • Each barrel interior measures 4 1/4" diameter x 4" deep (107 x 101 mm)
  • Instruction booklet "A Guide for Rock Polishers"

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