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Ring Guard Instructions

Tools Needed: Pair of Chain Nose or Needle Nose Pliers

Step #1:

Place the ring guard with arms curved upward as shown . Depending on the style of ring guard some might have arms going opposite directions, both are installed in the same manner.

Step #2:

Place the ring shank inside the curved arm of the ring guard.

Step #3:

Push down on ring guard so it takes the shape of the shank.

Step #4:

Be sure the shank rests at the back of the guard's arm (inside curve) for best fit.

Step #5:

With pliers, in a circular motion, tighten the ring guard arm to your ring's shank.

Step #6:

....until the ring guards arm has gone around the inside of the ring shank and clamp down to tighten.

Step #7:

Repeat for second arm.

Follow Up:

Once the ring guard is in place you may adjust the 'size" of the ring. Just push up (or down) on the middle band of the ring guard to tighten or loosen it on your finger.

What size Ring Guard do I use?

  • Small Ring Guards - These are best for children's rings and then band women's rings.
  • Medium Ring Guards - For A thick banded women's ring or regular men's ring.
  • Large Ring Guard - Thick banded men's rings or extra wide bands.
  • Jumbo Ring Guard - Are for Class rings.


When to use a Ring Guard.

  • If your ring is to large and you do not wish to have it resized.
  • You have arthritics in your knuckle and once the ring is over the knuckle it is to large.
  • During the winter months your rings are to loose on your fingers.
  • Occasional swelling of the fingers