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Soldering Techniques

For the best results when soldering, have the following supplies ready:
• "Self-pickling" hard solder flux
• Boric acid and denatured alcohol solution
• Sodium bisulfate pickle compound (Sparex, Safe-T-Pickle, etc.)
• Ultrasonic cleaner with clean soap solution
• Sheet or paste solders

These steps will give you a perfect solder joint every time:
1. Clean sheet solder with pickle compound, then alcohol.
2. If the piece has been worn, run it through the ultrasonic cleaner. Clean the piece with pickle, then coat with boric acid/alcohol solution. When using paste solder, apply the solder first, then the solution.
3. Ignite boric/alcohol solution to produce a protective glaze that will inhibit oxidation.
4. If sizing, you should have an absolute flush fit at the joint, which should be as clean as possible; otherwise pits will result.
Paste solder is not designed for sizing work, and should not be used.
5. Apply heat to the article first, then to the piece of solder. When using paste solder, apply heat only to the article.
Overheating the solder will usually burn out the alloys, again resulting in pits.
6. Apply "self-pickling" flux as needed at solder joint to induce solder flow. This is not necessary with paste solder, since it contains its own flux