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Deluxe Ring Stretcher & Reducer


  • Mount the Ring Stretcher to a sturdy workbench or table.
  • Moving handle up will expand the spleens-stretching the ring.
  • Moving handle down contract the spleens.

To enlarge a wedding band:

First check the size on a ring stick. Slip the ring on the stretcher and work the handle up and down. Slightly turn the ring on the spleens after each up or down of the handle. How much a wedding band can be enlarged or reduced in size depends on the construction of the band and metal softness. As far as the softness in concerned, the ring can be made softer by the annealing process. Most rings of average size, in reference to thickness, can be enlarged approximately one size.

On each movement of the handle down, slightly turn the ring on the spleens before the up movement of the handle. After two or three movements of the handle upward, turn the ring over. This is to compensate for the tapered spleens. Note the numbers on the spleens are for reference only. Stretching of the ring is done in very small increments and is it important that the ring size is checked frequently. Although it is a rare occurrence, after stretching a ring, it may be necessary to buff or polish the inside of the ring. This depends on how soft the metal is and or how much the ring was changed in size.

To reduce the size of a wedding band:

First choose a reduction depression on the two-sided reduction die. Select a depression on which the ring will extend approximately 1 to 2 mm above the die. Wrap the outer surface of the ring with the masking tape and place the ring in the chosen depression. Move the handle down and the flat die above the depression will come down and push the ring down into the depression. Turn the ring over and repeat the procedure. This action will reduce the circumference of the ring. Be sure to check the size frequently.