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Instructions on how to use a brass sliding gauge.

There are two sets of marking on the inner half of the gauge. One is for millimeters, and the other is for inches. Unlike some measuring tools, you do not read the measurement from the physical edge of the outer part of the gauge. This particular gauge has a zero line carved into the surface of the outer half.

The Zero line is on the outer, "stationary" half of the gauge closest to the item you are measuring. In the picture below, you can see that the 0mm and 0in marks match up with the zero line when the gauge is closed.

To measure any item, you fit the gauge to the dimensions of the item as shown below, then read the mm or inch line that matches up with the zero line.

If you still have trouble reading the measurements, or you measure items on a regular basis, our digital mm and inch gauge may be perfect for you. It's more expensive, but you'll be pleased with how easy and fast it is to get an accurate measurement. It measures up to 25mm, or 1".